We are committed to help our clients make an optimal decigions while solving any water technological challege. Our exprience in cooperation with leding manufacturers of water treatment equipment and knowledge of any option available leads to our customers' optimal technology solutions.


As electrical and mechanical parts age and wear, they always seem to fail at the worst time. Direct replacements can often be unavailable as machines and equipment become older and obsolete and some manufacturers discontinue specific parts or go out of business – and parts that can be found may have altered specifications, different materials or redesigned connectors and interfaces. Making a new part or component work in your old machinery takes time, expense and may not even be possible. Parts repair can be the faster, less expensive alternative to buying new equipment. A good repair service provider, knows that manufacturers must keep their machines running with minimal downtime and strong cost savings so quick turnaround and quality repairs are essential.


We is using for the diagnostics equipment which is one of the most perfect and modern equipment in its kind. Most of the abnormal vibrations on rotating equipment are caused by unbalance, misalignment, defective bearings, gear damage or looseness. These defects may occur at short intervals. In-depth analysis allows identifying the root cause of such recurring defects. Useful analysis tools are e.g. resonance tests, bump testing, modal analysis, ODS analysis, cross channel phase, orbit measurements, high resolution spectra analysis, long time wave recording and shaft centerline plots.


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