Our services


We provide consulting services on any water treatment requirement. If you use certain technologies or manufacture products which need water of a certain quality, we will find an optimal solution. We will make all necessary tests using our laboratory capabilities, and will offer the necessary technologies, equipment adjusted to your requirements. As an option we can manage all the necessary water testings and even calculate the efficiency and economic benefits.


Whatever problem in water treatment is to be solved, we are capable of making a design of any system needed. We provide planning of water treatment systems. We design the water treatment system which ensures the required water parameter. We suggest all the equipment needed, calculate costs and design the installation plans.

Trading & Supply management

Being a partner for the world-leading manufacturers of water treatment components and equipment makes us to be a reliable supplier of the high quality equipment and materials of different brands. As an expert in water treatment solutions we help our clients to make the best choise among the huge assortment for any request.

Consumer goods

The wide range of any consumer goods according to our catalogs or under the order of your requirements.

Building material

From nails to concrete mixers and complex electrics-here you will find everything you need for construction!

Software development

Development of software to solve the problems of your business and improve efficiency.

Advertising software

Advertising helps sell. And we help you to do only the advertising that sells a lot automatically.